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5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Face Body Day SPA Services This Holiday Season

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Face Body Day SPA Services This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and relaxation. Amidst the hustle and bustle of festive preparations, it’s essential to take a moment for yourself and unwind. What better way to treat yourself than with a rejuvenating day at the spa? At Face Body Day SPA, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional SPA services that go beyond the ordinary. Here are some compelling reasons why you should choose us for your SPA experience this holiday season.

Expertise and Professionalism:
Our team of skilled therapists and estheticians are dedicated to providing you with a top-notch spa experience. With 30+ years of expertise in various massage techniques, skincare, and wellness practices, our professionals are committed to ensuring you receive personalized and effective treatments. From therapeutic massages to invigorating facials, our staff is trained to cater to your unique needs, leaving you feeling pampered and revitalized.

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Face Body Day SPA Services This Holiday Season

Luxurious and Tranquil Atmosphere:
Step into a world of tranquility and luxury when you enter our spa. Our carefully curated ambiance is designed to transport you away from the holiday chaos and into a serene haven. Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds, calming scents, and plush surroundings that create the perfect setting for relaxation. Each treatment room is thoughtfully designed to enhance your overall experience, making your visit a true escape from the everyday.

Tailored Spa Packages for the Season:
This holiday season, we are delighted to offer specially curated spa packages designed to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Whether you’re seeking stress relief, skin rejuvenation, or a full-body pampering session, our packages combine a variety of treatments to provide a comprehensive and blissful experience. Indulge in the ultimate self-care with our holiday-themed spa packages that make for perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones.

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Face Body Day SPA Services This Holiday Season

Exceptional Customer Service:
At Face Body Day SPA, we believe in exceeding your expectations from the moment you walk through our doors. Our commitment to exceptional customer service means that you’ll be greeted with warmth, and our staff will be attentive to your preferences and concerns. From the initial consultation to the post-treatment care, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring that every aspect of your spa journey is seamless and enjoyable.

Exclusive Holiday Discounts and Promotions:
To spread the festive cheer, we are offering exclusive holiday discounts and promotions on our spa services. Take advantage of special offers and packages that make self-care not only a rejuvenating experience but also an affordable one. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with the gift of relaxation this holiday season, knowing that you’re getting the best value for your investment.

This holiday season, prioritize self-care and well-being by choosing Face Body Day SPA for your spa services. With our expertise, luxurious atmosphere, tailored packages, exceptional service, and exclusive holiday promotions, we’re confident that your experience with us will be nothing short of extraordinary. Book your spa day now and give yourself the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation.

A few testimonials from our recent clients:

I have been visiting Face and Body Day Spa for quite a number of years. Suhki and her staff always treat me, being an older client, with the utmost respect, which is not always the case at other day spas. This and the quality of their products keeps me coming back time after time. If I am in Sydney I always use their services. I have no reason or desire to go elsewhere.


Why I go to Face Body Day Spa

Firstly it was because of the range of services and the products used. The heritage building and the staff create a relaxing atmosphere. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and experts in the services they offer.

The Benefits of a Day Spa Membership

The Benefits of a Day Spa Membership


Are you feeling stressed out, tired, and in need of some self-care? Look no further than your local day spa- Face Body Day Spa Parramatta!

Regular visits to the day spa can offer a multitude of benefits for your physical and mental health. We wanted to make this more affordable and easy to do, so we have welcomed our brand new Day Spa Memberships!

So why invest in a Day Spa Membership?

First and foremost, day spas provide an opportunity for relaxation. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Taking some time out of your busy schedule to unwind at the spa can do wonders for your stress levels.

Massages, facials, and other treatments can help ease tension in your muscles and release feel-good endorphins that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

In addition to relaxation, regular visits to the day spa can also improve your overall health. Facials and skin treatments can help to improve the appearance and health of your skin, reducing the signs of ageing and leaving you with a glowing complexion. Massages can also help to improve circulation and relieve pain, reducing the likelihood of injury and improving your overall physical wellbeing. But the benefits of the day spa aren’t just physical – they can also improve your mental health.

Providing a space for you to disconnect from the outside world and focus on your inner peace is so important. This can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety or depression, as it can help to reduce symptoms and improve overall mood.

Finally, regular visits to the day spa can also be a form of self-care. Taking time to care for yourself and prioritize your own wellbeing can improve your self-esteem and confidence, making you feel better both inside and out. Whether you’re treating yourself to a massage, facial, or simply taking a few hours to relax in a sauna, regular visits to the day spa can help you feel your best.

So what types of day spa memberships do we have available and which is the best option?

We have created 3 memberships tailored to our most popular services.

Our Facial Membership starting at $25/week
Our Massage Membership starting at $25/week
Our VIP Customised Membership starting at $50/week and you can choose from any of our services

Each membership provides you with a monthly treatment as well as additional discounts on any other products or services and a complimentary Indian Head Massage every month with your massage or facial treatment.

They are a great way to break down the cost of your visit into affordable weekly amounts and can really help to improve your life.

In conclusion, the benefits of regular visits to the day spa are clear. From relaxation and physical health to mental wellbeing and self-care, the day spa offers something for everyone. So what are you waiting for?

Find out more about our memberships here and start reaping the rewards of a happier, healthier you.

Different types of body massage and the benefits to your mind, body and soul

Different Types of Body Massage and The Benefits To Your Mind, Body & Soul

At Face Body Day Spa we provide many different types of body massage, while they are all beautiful relaxing experiences they each have different benefits to your body and muscles. If you are wondering what massage to book or looking to experience something different at your next visit below we have explained the treatments we have available and the benefits.

Swedish relaxation massage By far the most popular treatment in our spa Swedish massage is the ultimate in relaxation, this technique is a beautiful experience to ease away tension. The technique used in this type of massage focuses on muscle relaxation, targeting superficial muscles (rather than the connective tissues targeted in deep-tissue massage) and increasing blood circulation. If you’re looking to reduce tension or suffering from anxiety then definitely opt for a Swedish massage. We also offer custom aromas to enhance your experience

Remedial massage- A more intense and specialised technique that focuses on treating concerns related to muscles that are knotted, tense, damaged or if you are suffering from reduced mobility. It’s ideal if you are a sports athlete, do regular intense exercise or have a physically demanding lifestyle.

Our massage therapists use a combination of pressure, massage and stretching to deeply massage the muscle and stimulate the body’s mechanisms to repair itself. There are many benefits to remedial massage including relieving tension and muscle pain, improved posture and joint mobility, reduced physical and mental stress and improved sleep.

Aromatherapy massage This treatment uses essential oils to improve both mental and physical wellbeing. The main benefits of an aromatherapy massage are reduction of stress and anxiety, decrease in muscle tension and pain relief. It also helps to reduce mental stress and enhance your body’s relaxation. We have a range of essential oils and each one has unique benefits from calming and relaxation to energizing blends.

Hot Stone- A deeply relaxing massage technique where our therapists use heated basalt rocks (a type of volcanic rock). The hot stones are smooth and flat and are placed on specific parts of your body. The warmth in the stones adds to the benefits of your massage as the warmth eases muscle tension and pain and also increases blood flow to the area. We also find our clients find the warmth a very relaxing experience adding to the mental relaxation state.

Soy Candle A unique massage treatment that is a wonderful warming and relaxing experience using Swedish massage techniques to stretch, work and relax the muscles. During the treatment, we use a specialised soy oil based candle that heats the oil to a warm temperature that can then be poured onto the skin and massaged in. It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment as the warmth relieves muscle tension and aids in relaxation. As we are using a soy oil from the candle it is rich in vitamin E which leaves the skin feeling nourished, hydrated, soft and rejuvenated after the massage.

Pregnancy Massage- During pregnancy, your body is put under extra stress and muscle strain as you carry extra weight and your body changes to accommodate carrying a growing baby. Our therapists are trained in specialised pregnancy massage techniques to ensure we can provide you with a safe and relaxing treatment. We know the areas to avoid and will ensure you are comfortable in the bed. The benefits are endless from reducing stress, relaxing strained muscles, increasing blood flow and improving your mood and sleep quality.

Our award winning day spa in Parramatta is the perfect place to experience a specialised massage technique. Our team of spa therapists are qualified and experienced and can assure you a relaxing treatment.

Ready to book? Book online now!


Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Now I know not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, but even if you don’t have a special someone to celebrate with, use it as a day to celebrate yourself and being alive. 

For those of you who are looking for a few ways to share this day with a loved one, I thought I would share some of my favourite things to do in Parramatta (or things I’d love to try). 

  • Sunrise walk and picnic for breakfast (add location locally to do this) 
  • Brunch at (insert cute cafe here) 
  • Couple’s Massage at Face Body Day Spa with Lunch included
  • Dinner at (insert Restaurant)
  • Staycation at (insert hotel) 

These are just a few things we love to do in Parramatta. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be big and extravagant, but making memories is an amazing gift to give. If you need any help with a gift for the spa, let us know. We’d love to help you spoil the one you love (or yourself) 

Valentine's Day IdeasLooking for something a little different this Valentine’s Day?

Looking for something a little different this Valentine’s Day? We know how rare it can sometimes be to have time alone as a couple. Often we are so busy doing all the things that life brings, that we don’t get time out to connect as a couple. This Valentine’s Day, why not make a commitment to spend some time out with eachother? Enjoy a beautiful couple’s massage and recharge both your batteries. Can’t make it in? Why not spoil your partner with a couple’s massage gift voucher and plan a date together?

body massage

Body Treatments – The Perfect Spring Selfcare Ritual

massage-therapyHave you been to the spa before and looked at the menu, always curious to know more about what a body treatment is and what’s involved? But the thought of having one, just makes you nervous so you don’t have to worry about asking for more information? This is so much more common than you may think! So many of our clients are really scared or nervous about body services. Today we want to reassure you, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, and in fact, a body treatment is one of the most divine experiences you will have at Face Body Day Spa. It really is the ultimate in self care! So what actually IS a Body treatment? A body treatment is a combination of body exfoliation, steam therapy, body massage and a body treatment mask. We have a few variations of body treatments and wraps, however today we will focus on the 2.5 hour version which we feel is most beneficial and enjoyable for our guests.

oilThe body experience will commence with one of our most favourite services steam therapy. A beautiful way to detox and relax. A refreshing herbal steam is the perfect pick me up and can be added to any of our body treatments. It’s something you don’t often get to experience, and it allows your skin to be gently prepared for soaking up all the goodness from the next stages of your treatment.

Smooth and soften your skin to perfection with an all over body exfoliation. Customised to your mood, choose your personalised aroma’s and exfoliants. Body exfoliation not only removes dead skin build up from the body, it also stimulates the blood flow and in turn, helps with lymphatic drainage to remove toxins from the body. Your skin is left feeling soft and supple.

Treatment mask time! Drench your skin in our heavenly hydrating body wrap, tone in a detoxifying treatment mask or rejuvenate for the softest skin you’ve ever had. A deluxe mask is created for you and lathered on to your arms, legs, back and tummy. And all while your mask is being soaked up by your skin, we indulge you with our incredible Indian Head Massage. How good is that!

body massageThen the best part of the whole experience (in my opinion). The Body Massage! Choose from Remedial, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Soy Candle or Relaxation Massage. Each has it’s own individual client experience that will deeply relax, but also concentrate on your concerns. Your mind, body and soul will be so deeply relaxed and rejuvenated, you won’t want to leave!


Once we have completed the treatment, we take you through to our beautiful courtyard to relax and enjoy a herbal tea or light refreshment. It’s important for you to take the time to slowly come back to the world and not rush your exit. Your body will be feeling relaxed and we don’t want to stress it by rushing you out the door!

herbal teaWe really do love to see how happy and floating our clients are after experiencing this blissful service.

One of the most common questions everyone is afraid to ask us is, will you see me naked? Well, we are here to assure you that a body treatment is extremely private and you’re constantly covered with beautiful linen to ensure you feel comfortable at all times. We aim to work section by section of the body, so no unnecessary areas are left exposed at any one time.

We provide everything for you, to just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey! We hope to see you soon for a blissful treatment. Maybe even drop some hints for Christmas this year as it makes a beautiful gift

Our Body Scrub, Steam, Massage & Mask from | 2.5 hours | $277

Any questions? We’d love for you to get in contact with us!

Feel free to give us a call on 02 9683 4338 or text us any time on 0448 670 023

Thalgo M Ceutic

Introducing New Skin Treatment for Anti Ageing, Pigmentation and Acne


I have been meeting so many people recently and talking about their skin concerns and every 2nd person I talk to is concerned with ageing and Pigmentation.

We don’t want to get old or look old its as simple as that!

So finally we have launched a New Skin Care Range From Thalgo called M Ceutic. (Limited Edition)

Thalgo M Ceutic

This is our Cosmeceuticals Skin Care Range, that means Skin Care Specialists/Doctors have made it.

After years of researching Ageing and Pigmentation they have formulated this Marine based rich active Skin Care Range & I am very excited to share this with you guys. 🙂

What is the M Ceutic Skin Care Range from Thalgo?
M Ceutic is a true medically-inspired non invasive beauty treatment, it delivers a tailor made 3-step treatment, Renovating Peel, Bio Regenerative Infusion & Corrective Intervention to restore youthful-looking, plump and radiant skin quality, while respecting the physiology of the skin. You will see visible results even after your 1st treatment with our amazing M Ceutic Skin Treatment. All you need is about 55 minutes in your day to have an amazing, healthy and glowing looking skin.

How Many Treatments do I need?
For visible and longer lasting results, we recommend a Course of 4 alternating treatments (55 minutes long) that have been tested and proven to regain your skins original quality.
Frequency : 1 treatment per week for 4 weeks and then 2 treatments fortnightly, renew course if required.

I have a sensitive skin can I have this treatment?
M Ceutic is a non-invasive skin treatment, so Yes even sensitive skin can have this treatment. While you are here your Therapist will do a full skin consultation for you to understand your skin concerns and skin condition, what your skin needs, then she will recommend the right skin treatment for you.

There are 2 products that are my favourite from this range, the first is Pro Renewal Cleanser & the second is the Normaliser Cream Serum.
I’m obsessed with these 2 products as they are very rich in active ingredients, that means they penetrate deep into your skin to give you quick results. Very rich in Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid & Citric Acid.

Pro Renewal Cleanser uses gentle exfoliation techniques to clean blocked pores, refine skin tone & boost skins radiance. This cleanser also contains brown algae which is highly concentrated in minerals and protective amino acids.

The M Ceutic range by Thalgo is an effective anti ageing skin care regime that incorporates the most advanced Marine Technology.

Now available for a very limited time @Face Body Day Spa in Parramatta

Please feel free to ask any questions.
I am here to assist you

Lots of love
Sukhi & Team
Face Body Day Spa

Mothers Day Special Offer

Mother’s Day Pamper Packages!

It’s one of our favourite times of the year! The release of our Mother’s Day pamper packages! We absolutely LOVE to spoil our clients with some well deserved time out and there’s no one more deserving to some time out then all our Mumma’s.

But it even if you’re not a Mum, we still want to be able to spoil our clients with the absolute best when it comes to self care. So we’ve created these beautiful pamper packages to really help you unwind and restore your mind.

You can can make your appointments now for Mother’s Day weekend or you could even make a date with your mum or BFF

We have carefully created our most indulgent and pampering packages to ensure you can spoil your loved one with an incredible experience

we cant wait to spoil you all soon and don’t forget you can also buy a gift voucher for the special Mummas in your life

67 Victoria Road, Parramatta, NSW 2150
(Between Betts Street & Macarthur Street)
02 9683 4338
0448 670 023


Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday 9:00am – 6:30pm

Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm


The Benefits of Magnesium & Epsom Salts

Finding it hard to resolve inflammation, muscle and joint pain, cramps, headaches or even restless legs?

Magnesium Salts may just be what you’re looking for!

So what is magnesium salt and why is everyone raving about it? Is it just another health fad?

Magnesium salt is also known as magnesium chloride. It is a chemical compound with the formula MgCl2 which is usually derived from sea water. Magnesium salts are highly soluble in water and can help to overcome many health concerns.

Magnesium can be used both orally and topically. Taking magnesium as a supplement in your diet can aid in your body recovery and heath, however applying or soaking in magnesium salts can also make a large impact on your overall health.

Here are some of the amazing outcomes having regular magnesium baths can have:

Magnesium salt bath acts as a good stress reliever. When we add magnesium flakes to our bath, it releases serotonin in our bodies which lifts our mood and helps to keep us stress-free. Having a regular bath, will also soothe aches and pains. It’s important however to soak in a warm to cool bath, as a hot magnesium bath will trigger the detoxification process (unless you wish to detox)

Magnesium is a fantastic way to increase our blood flow and protect the elasticity of arteries and blood clots. It has been known, for many doctors to recommend bathing with magnesium salts to reduce the risk of unpredictable heart attack. You’ll find your circulation will improve and in turn your heart will be healthier.

Restless legs are a terrible concern for many people. Often hard to find a solution to ease the pain and uncomfortable nights sleep, magnesium oil or salts can help in reducing if not preventing restless leg syndrome. A great way to help relieve sore and tired legs is to soak your feet each night for a minimum of 20mins in a bucket with magnesium salts. Then apply a spray of magnesium oil before heading to bed. This will also help alleviate cramps.

Magnesium Bath Salts and oils have been used to reduce the side effects and pain of headaches for some time. It helps to relax any tension in and around the head and neck, allowing the muscles to relax.

These are just a couple of the long list of benefits of magnesium. We love using it and recommending it to our clients to help after a massage to assist in reducing tension or in our hydrotherapy bath. We’d love to help you with your concerns in the spa one day soon.

Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Best kept beauty secrets have now been made available to you…

Why 5 Star Beauty Treatments Are Easier to Access Than You Think

Who doesn’t love getting their hands on some 5 Star beauty secrets?

I know I do!

If it’s easy to access and experience the best of the best in beauty, there’s no point in settling for less.

Imagine, being made to feel like the most important person in the world…because you are.

You are treated like a VIP and your entire beauty treatment is catered to your specifications…

Only the best for you.

You come in for your appointment and beauty secrets are revealed to you the minute you walk into your favourite spa, and you can’t even believe the service you are being given – it’s extraordinary!!

You may be thinking this is all an elaborate dream but it’s not.

You see, providing 5-star service and treatment is something I’m passionate about and something I’ve always delivered in the 13 plus years I’ve been in the beauty industry.

Hi, my name is Sukhi and I have recently taken over the long-standing and highly regarded Face Body Day Spa & Beauty in Parramatta.

Some of you may be surprised to hear I have taken over and some of you may already know – and the truth is I was very nervous and worried about becoming the face of Face Body Day Spa & Beauty because I wasn’t sure how you would feel about the change.

But I’ve decided to be brave in 2019 and really help build a special connection with all our amazing clients and clients to be and for that reason, I am putting myself out there.

I’m not a new face here at Face Body Day Spa & Beauty, I’ve been a part of this incredible business since 2013 when I first moved to Australia and the beautiful Robyn gave me my first job in the land of OZ.

What started off as a few days a week turned into eventually becoming the manager and now owner of this very special place that is pretty much my second home – sorry hubby!

What I love about Face Body Day Spa & Beauty is the homely and relaxed feel as well as the amazing clients we get to help every single day – some have been with us for as long as this place has been open, over 28 years!

And more importantly, as a team, we get to provide our clients with 5-star service and beauty treatments – which we love!

But my favourite thing about running the business is that I get to provide all our clients with some of the best kept beauty secrets from around the world!!

In my 13 plus years in the beauty industry I have been blessed to work in some of the finest 5-star beauty establishments such as Country inn and suites by Carlson, Hotel Cabana, Radisson Blu, Shangri-La, Langham Hotel , and now, for the last 5 years, Face Body Day Spa & Beauty.

What this means for you as our very special client, is that I am able to share my knowledge and best kept beauty secrets with my wonderful team and YOU!

You now have easy access to 5-star beauty and you don’t even have to travel to a fancy 5 star hotel to receive it!

World-wide beauty at your fingertips.

And to think I wanted to become a doctor when I was younger…

Lucky my dad made me take beauty instead, otherwise I would have missed out on all this magic I get to experience every day when our clients walk out feeling like a million bucks!

I am so excited to make your next experience one to remember!



P.S. If you want to experience 5-star beauty treatments first hand, head to the website: to book your next appointment xo

Brand New Summer Packages

BRAND NEW Summer Packages

This time of year certainly can be busy and a little overwhelming ??

There’s so much to do, a social calendar full of events, work and then finally summer holidays ???

But it’s also important to make sure we don’t burn out ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

As you know we are all about encouraging self love and care here at Face Body Day Spa, because we know how much of a difference it can make, to have some time out to just relax. It’s actually very good for you!

And to make self care easier for you this month (and to celebrate the first day of SUMMER ???) we wanted to share our BRAND NEW Summer Packages with you!

Each of them are designed to help you relax, unwind and make you feel like you’ve just been on a tropical holiday ?

So we hope you love them as much as we do!

Sensational Summer Pedicure $99

One hour of pure feet treats!

Our pedicures are not like any other pedicure out there! We make it an indulgent experience where you get to lay back in the comfort of your own room, relax and even nod off if you wish, all while we pamper you to perfection.

Your Sensational Summer Pedicure includes:

? Steam Therapy for the soles of your feet
? Delicious summer foot scrub and rough skin removal
? Invigorating lower leg & foot massage
? Tropical treatment mask
? Soothing & cooling collagen eye mask during pedicure
? Your choice of either a hand or scalp massage
? Shellac gel polish to finish

Your feet will be perfectly polished for your summer sandals and you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the party season!

Sensational Summer Skin $99

One hour of pure luxury for your skin! It’s important to look and feel your best for the summer season and what better way to do so then with our Sensational Summer Skin Facial!

Your Sensational Summer Skin includes:

? Welcome massage of the neck, shoulders & arms
? Deep skin cleansing & consultation
? Resurfacing Peel
? Indulgent facial massage
? 24k Gold Collagen Eye Mask
? Hot Coconut Oil Hair Treatment
? Brightening treatment mask & moisturise
? Eyebrow Tidy

Your skin will feel refreshed and glowing, ready for the party season!

Sensational Summer Massage $149

One hour of pure relaxation awaits!

Our therapists will take you on a journey that will have you floating away in paradise. Your Sensational Summer Massage includes:

? Summer body scrub
? 1hour tropical body massage
? Body butter to leave your skin soft and smooth

Your skin will be left soft & supple ready for the summer season.

Because we LOVE you guys and are so grateful to you for your support during 2018, we are going to spoil the first 10 clients to book in with any of the above packages to a FREE take home Self Love Gift Pack valued at over $40 ??

Just comment ‘book me in’ below and we will PM you!

See a package you’d love to spoil someone with for Christmas?

Sure thing!

Just let us know you’d like to buy one as a gift ?

And remember if there’s anything we can do to help you during the Christmas period, just let us know.

We are here to help ?