Thalgo M Ceutic

Introducing New Skin Treatment for Anti Ageing, Pigmentation and Acne


I have been meeting so many people recently and talking about their skin concerns and every 2nd person I talk to is concerned with ageing and Pigmentation.

We don’t want to get old or look old its as simple as that!

So finally we have launched a New Skin Care Range From Thalgo called M Ceutic. (Limited Edition)

Thalgo M Ceutic

This is our Cosmeceuticals Skin Care Range, that means Skin Care Specialists/Doctors have made it.

After years of researching Ageing and Pigmentation they have formulated this Marine based rich active Skin Care Range & I am very excited to share this with you guys. 🙂

What is the M Ceutic Skin Care Range from Thalgo?
M Ceutic is a true medically-inspired non invasive beauty treatment, it delivers a tailor made 3-step treatment, Renovating Peel, Bio Regenerative Infusion & Corrective Intervention to restore youthful-looking, plump and radiant skin quality, while respecting the physiology of the skin. You will see visible results even after your 1st treatment with our amazing M Ceutic Skin Treatment. All you need is about 55 minutes in your day to have an amazing, healthy and glowing looking skin.

How Many Treatments do I need?
For visible and longer lasting results, we recommend a Course of 4 alternating treatments (55 minutes long) that have been tested and proven to regain your skins original quality.
Frequency : 1 treatment per week for 4 weeks and then 2 treatments fortnightly, renew course if required.

I have a sensitive skin can I have this treatment?
M Ceutic is a non-invasive skin treatment, so Yes even sensitive skin can have this treatment. While you are here your Therapist will do a full skin consultation for you to understand your skin concerns and skin condition, what your skin needs, then she will recommend the right skin treatment for you.

There are 2 products that are my favourite from this range, the first is Pro Renewal Cleanser & the second is the Normaliser Cream Serum.
I’m obsessed with these 2 products as they are very rich in active ingredients, that means they penetrate deep into your skin to give you quick results. Very rich in Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid & Citric Acid.

Pro Renewal Cleanser uses gentle exfoliation techniques to clean blocked pores, refine skin tone & boost skins radiance. This cleanser also contains brown algae which is highly concentrated in minerals and protective amino acids.

The M Ceutic range by Thalgo is an effective anti ageing skin care regime that incorporates the most advanced Marine Technology.

Now available for a very limited time @Face Body Day Spa in Parramatta

Please feel free to ask any questions.
I am here to assist you

Lots of love
Sukhi & Team
Face Body Day Spa

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