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Mothers Day Special Offer

Celebrating and honouring Motherhood

Celebrating + honouring Motherhood is a beautiful pleasure we have to give + receive to special women in our lives. It is a day where self care is highly suggested with valid reason.

The meaning of being a mother is endless. A mother is a protector, disciplinarian and friend. A mother is a selfless, loving human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children.

Through all of this self care for a mother is not the highest priority and when they finally get a chance to stop + fill their cup they replenish those stores of mental, emotional, and physical energy. A spa day will do all of this and more.

We offer a quiet + tranquil space with the options of body + facial treatments and massage and a range of spa treatment packages to choose from, a spa day is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one on a day that is all about you/them.

Hot coconut hair treatments, exfoliation, sea scrubs and illuminating face massages can be found in a handful of our packages and we have a large selection of times from 1-5 hour stays. Our gift vouchers are a beautiful gift to encourage self care when your loved one is ready to take time out for themselves.

This mothers day remember to give yourself your time out too. We love a handful of self care tips at home that are quick and easy.

Sit in the morning
The morning offers a great opportunity to practice your mindfulness. The day is just beginning, it is nice and quiet, and you may have a few moments to yourself. Instead of getting out of bed and rushing through a morning routine, I like to sit for a few minutes. I think about being thankful for the day and just let myself be in the present.

Spend time outside
Being outdoors is another way to get some energy back into you. You don’t need to go far. If you have some nice trails, parks, or green spaces, beaches, they can make the perfect environment for getting in touch with nature and for connecting with the present moment

Create something
Spend some time doing what you enjoy and just be in the moment of creation. Whether you like to draw, paint, build, or take photographs, your creative side is mindful by its very nature. As an additional point, the practice of mindfulness can encourage creativity.

Chat with mates
Mate dates are our favourite self care tip. The laughs, the deep chats, the dancing… organise a brunch with your besties and if everyones time tables don’t add up, just book it for a few months so it is locked in. Technology makes it so much easier to feel close to your mates far away. Book in a group facetime with a wine or cup of tea and it will feel like they have just popped over.
Or better yet – book you and your mates in for an afternoon at the dayspa. Relax and unwind around those who fill you with love.

click here for Mother’s Day Spa Treatments.

Winter Warmers

winter offerWinter is here ? and with Winter we can usually expect all those nasty little disrupters like dry, itchy, flakey skin. There’s nothing worse than feeling the full effects of the cold!

Its also harder to get up, get out and fit everything into your day, with less opportunity to get out and in to the sunlight, it’s important to ensure self care is a priority!

This Winter we want to help you look and feel your best! No itchy skin, dry or rough skin, for any of our clients who walk through our doors!

We have really taken things up a notch a notch this year to ensure your warm and cosy in our Spa. Some of our most popular treatments during Winter are our Hydrotherapy bath, Steam Room & Hot Stone Massages.

But to make things a little easier for you, we have created some Signature Winter Warmer’s for you to enjoy over the next three months. Choose from:

Winter Snuggle – $179 | 90 minutes

Indulge with a beautiful 30 minute hot stone massage of the neck, shoulder and back
Quench thirsty skin with our Intense Hydration 1 hour facial
Soothe your eyes with a Hydrating & Brightening Eye Treat
Melt away life’s stresses with an indulgent Scalp Massage.

Warming Winter Cocoon – $249 | 2 hours

Invigorate & Rejuvenate your skin with our sea salt body exfoliation
Next we will quench thirsty skin with a warm Micronised marine algue mud body wrap
While your cocooned under our snuggley blankets and heat packs we will indulge you with our divine Indian head massage
Then completing your journey with a 1 hour rejuvenating warm oil face & body massage
Its complete Winter heaven!

So so what are you waiting for? Make sure your skin is treated to the nourishing luxury it deserves this Winter and book your appointment by replying to this email today!

We cant wait to spoil you!