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self careSelf care…do you make it a priority?

Self care is a key ingredient to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings, relaxes your state and boosts your confidence. Self care is necessary to remind yourself that your needs as an individual matter and are important. Self- care ensures that you stay sharp mentally, motivated, positive and healthy.

Self care is definitely becoming a buzzword of society and it’s with good reason. I personally am so glad it’s something that everyone is becoming more conscious of. One of the reasons many of us become Beauty or Spa Therapists is because we want to help others with their own personal self care. It’s rewarding for us to be able to see the emotional and physical changes time out for relaxation can create. 

With life being so ‘on’ and ‘go, go, go’ all the time, it’s no wonder we are feeling more stressed, more anxious, more busy and more neglected than ever. So many of us wear many hats every day. From parenting, to working, to friendships and relationships, there’s usually always somewhere to be or do. Unless we create space. 

And as the old saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup!! Taking time out for self care is not selfish, it’s selfless. It’s done to help us ensure we are functioning at our best. Self care also doesn’t need to be over complicated. It can be simple things repeated on a daily basis or it can be a weekly or monthly ritual we create. 

Some of our favourite ways to enjoy some self care are: 

  • A beautiful soak in a warm bath. Add a favourite or mood enhancing bath soak such as our Pure Fiji Coconut Lime Bath Soak. Pop some candles on (safely) and grab a book for some extra relaxation
  • Grab your favourite cup of tea and sip away in your favourite spot outside in nature. Take in the environment around you, particularly if you have birds singing or the ocean near by. 
  • Wake up an hour earlier than everyone else, meditate and practice a simple yoga or stretching session. 
  • Enjoy a weekly or monthly massage/facial/spa visit. This is definitely our favourite 😉 but there’s definite positives to enjoying a treatment regularly for both your mind and body. 
  • Journal your thoughts. Go for a walk and sit down and journal about how you are feeling right then and there. Remind yourself what you are grateful for and pop all your current feelings down on paper. It feels good to get them out 

Whatever makes you feel good and you enjoy doing is what self care is all about. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should be prioritised. Make sure you even mark out some time in your diary for self care, you won’t regret it. 

Let us know below what your favourite self care ritual is.

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