Face Body Day Spa Membership

Why a Face Body Day Spa membership? We understand the pressures of day to day life, and we also know how much self care and overall wellness can impact on you.

We have created our memberships to help support you on your journey. Whether you’re looking to keep you skin glowing and hydrated or you’d like to keep muscles aches and pains at bay, we have created a membership to suit.

How does it work?

Each month you can enjoy a visit to Face Body Day Spa at an affordable price. We have broken down your visit into smaller weekly payments to allow for you to easily prioritise self care. Just like a gym membership, you’ll be able to visit us and not have to worry!

Our professional spa therapists deliver results in a peaceful, ambient setting to help you relax, refresh and renew every month!

Choose our facial membership if you love having your skin cared for. Choose our massage membership if you love having your knots and aches eased away. 

Massage Membership

Facial Membership

Combined Membership

Please Note: membership cancellation must be a 30-day advance written notification. The minimum, non-cancellable, term of membership is three (3) months. For full details, please contact our team. View our terms and conditions here.