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The Benefits of Magnesium & Epsom Salts

Finding it hard to resolve inflammation, muscle and joint pain, cramps, headaches or even restless legs?

Magnesium Salts may just be what you’re looking for!

So what is magnesium salt and why is everyone raving about it? Is it just another health fad?

Magnesium salt is also known as magnesium chloride. It is a chemical compound with the formula MgCl2 which is usually derived from sea water. Magnesium salts are highly soluble in water and can help to overcome many health concerns.

Magnesium can be used both orally and topically. Taking magnesium as a supplement in your diet can aid in your body recovery and heath, however applying or soaking in magnesium salts can also make a large impact on your overall health.

Here are some of the amazing outcomes having regular magnesium baths can have:

Magnesium salt bath acts as a good stress reliever. When we add magnesium flakes to our bath, it releases serotonin in our bodies which lifts our mood and helps to keep us stress-free. Having a regular bath, will also soothe aches and pains. It’s important however to soak in a warm to cool bath, as a hot magnesium bath will trigger the detoxification process (unless you wish to detox)

Magnesium is a fantastic way to increase our blood flow and protect the elasticity of arteries and blood clots. It has been known, for many doctors to recommend bathing with magnesium salts to reduce the risk of unpredictable heart attack. You’ll find your circulation will improve and in turn your heart will be healthier.

Restless legs are a terrible concern for many people. Often hard to find a solution to ease the pain and uncomfortable nights sleep, magnesium oil or salts can help in reducing if not preventing restless leg syndrome. A great way to help relieve sore and tired legs is to soak your feet each night for a minimum of 20mins in a bucket with magnesium salts. Then apply a spray of magnesium oil before heading to bed. This will also help alleviate cramps.

Magnesium Bath Salts and oils have been used to reduce the side effects and pain of headaches for some time. It helps to relax any tension in and around the head and neck, allowing the muscles to relax.

These are just a couple of the long list of benefits of magnesium. We love using it and recommending it to our clients to help after a massage to assist in reducing tension or in our hydrotherapy bath. We’d love to help you with your concerns in the spa one day soon.

Top foods to help with glowing skin

Leafy greens ?


Dark Chocolate


Sweet Potatoes

And lastly one of the most important is a probiotic to help ensure you have all the good gut bacteria you need. So if you have been struggling to get your skin where you want it to be, you have all the facials and homecare required, but are still not seeing the result you want, look within and see what could be a contributing factor in your diet.

Beautiful is a Feeling

Beautiful is a Feeling

And we happen to be in the business of making you feel beautiful


Can we talk matter-of-factly for a minute? I want to be real and vulnerable with you.

Have you ever felt like spending money on something like a facial, massage or anti-aging treatment is an expense you can’t justify?

It’s ‘unnecessary money being spent.’ I’m being 100% real here for a moment – work with me on this.

There is an assumption out there that anyone who runs a business is only after making money. And so, with a luxury service such as beauty, why would anyone justify spending money on something they don’t NEED.

I mean sure, there are people with skin conditions who want to have them addressed and there are stressed out people who NEED to have relaxing massages to ease their tension headaches.

But if there’s nothing MAJOR to address, why should I spend that money on something I don’t need?

Hmmm, good question!

Yes, a lot of our services DO help correct a lot of concerns people have and they DO have them leaving the spa feeling amazing and confident.

That’s a big reason why my team and I love doing what we do.

We see the immediate transformation and know that we helped someone have a better day, week, month, simply by doing something we love – who could hate that?

Bu that’s not the questions here.

The questions is, if someone doesn’t NEED anything corrected, why would they spend money on a luxury?

The truth is, we truly believe that FEELING beautiful is not a luxury. Nor is it being vain.

Think about it for a second.

We’re not talking about obsessing over NEEDING to look beautiful, we’re talking about beautiful as a feeling.

When we FEEL beautiful something happens in our body…it’s called Endorphins. It’s literally the female JOY hormone. The one that relieves stress and anxiety and gives us energy.

The one that makes us want to smile at everyone and pay it forward with random acts of kindness.

The hormone that turns a crappy day into the best day ever! You feel so good and people start to respond to you differently. They open doors for you, give you a discount, buy you flowers…the list of possibilities is endless, but the point remains the same – when we FEEL beautiful, we release Endorphins that make us an extremely happy and joyful person. Can I get an AMEN?!

THIS is why we truly believe that everything we do as a team in the Face Body Day Spa is important. Whether you have something you NEED corrected or you just want to tap into that JOY hormone by FEELING beautiful – we’ve got you covered.

Just because we are a business, it doesn’t mean we only want to make money. Nope. We NEED to make money in order to stay open – yes, but we’ve CHOSEN this profession because we love impacting our client’s days and lives in the best way possible!

So next time you say to yourself that you don’t NEED a facial or massage, remember this random conversation we had lol; You may not NEED it, but you DESERVE to FEEL beautiful and have the best experience of life ever!!

Relaxation Massage…why you should have one!

Relaxation Massage…why you should have one!

How a relaxation massage can save your relationships

And have you conquering your to-do list like it’s nobody’s business!


OK, yeah, so claiming that a relaxation massage can save your relationships is a big call. And then on top of that you can apparently conquer your to-do list like it’s nobody’s business.

Sounds extreme, but the good news is – it’s totally true!!

Imagine you’re in this situation for a minute here.

You’re stressed. You have so much to do when you get home but first you need to make it through your day at work. You didn’t sleep well last night, and your energy is low.

If someone looks at you the wrong way, you’re going to start breaking fingers. Whoops! Someone looked at you the wrong way – avert your eyes, quick!

Your boss is being difficult, and your work bestie is having man trouble and hasn’t stopped man-bashing for the last hour.

Your husband has already messaged you 3 times – first asking ifyou’d ironed his work shirt for today, second to ask if he had any clean undies left, and third, reminding you that he’s going out for drinks with the boys after work, so he won’t be able to take out the bins like he said.


Stress levels are reaching capacity. Eye is twitching. Headache is forming. And your shoulders are slowly making their way up to your ears.

And then your mum calls…

Whoops. Your stomach is tensed up and your heart feels like it’s going to explode into a million pieces… and you just ate 3 donuts to compensate for your lack of energy and extremely high stress levels – there goes the diet!

How are you going to survive this day?!

Well, there are 2 options.

One, you can work through your lunch break hyperventilating every time someone talks to you while experiencing your stress headache turn into a full-blown migraine – only to get home late, realise that you finished the last bottle of wine last nightand have a complete breakdown.

OR, you can book in for a relaxation massage on your lunch break and de-stress your entire body. Feel your muscles relax, your headache ease and your breathing return to normal.

Let the stress of everyone and everything dissipate with the relaxing music and aroma, as strong, competent hands knead away your problems.

Take some time away from the boss, the work bestie, the husband and the million and one things to do and just breathe and re-center yourself.

How do you think you’re going to feel after a relaxation massage?

Pretty darn good!!

You have your energy back – and it feels like liquid gold! You FEEL good.

You have a relaxed smile on your face, and you are so relaxed that you don’t hear your boss breathing down your neck – you just nod and say I’ll get that done for you as soon as I can.

You tell your work bestie that you love her and that maybe you can go for drinks with her after work tomorrow so that she has your full attention.

You message your husband saying have a great night, it’s cool,I’m happy to take the bins out tonight if you can fold the washing and put it away tomorrow when I’m out for drinks.

And then you call your mum back, tell her you love her but you’re a little busy right now and make plans to see her on the weekend.


A new woman!

Yep, a relaxation massage can help you to be the best version of yourself which allows you to make better decisions when it comes to your relationships.

Rather than blowing up at everyone, you take care of yourself and the way you see things changes.

When you FEEL better, when you feel RELAXED, your brain can prioritise quicker because it’s not clouded by stress and rage. Which means, your to-do list gets done and you feel like an ACCOMPLISHED relaxed woman.

So, you see, a relaxation massage really does have the power to change your day for the better and help save your relationships from destruction.

And best of all you can book them in once a week if you wanted to maintain your Zen – no such thing as too many relaxing massages!

Love, Sukhi xo

P.S. If you want to experience this sacred liquid gold, get in touch and we can book you in for your very own relaxation massage (or as I like to call it – a stress makeover).

Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Best kept beauty secrets have now been made available to you…

Why 5 Star Beauty Treatments Are Easier to Access Than You Think

Who doesn’t love getting their hands on some 5 Star beauty secrets?

I know I do!

If it’s easy to access and experience the best of the best in beauty, there’s no point in settling for less.

Imagine, being made to feel like the most important person in the world…because you are.

You are treated like a VIP and your entire beauty treatment is catered to your specifications…

Only the best for you.

You come in for your appointment and beauty secrets are revealed to you the minute you walk into your favourite spa, and you can’t even believe the service you are being given – it’s extraordinary!!

You may be thinking this is all an elaborate dream but it’s not.

You see, providing 5-star service and treatment is something I’m passionate about and something I’ve always delivered in the 13 plus years I’ve been in the beauty industry.

Hi, my name is Sukhi and I have recently taken over the long-standing and highly regarded Face Body Day Spa & Beauty in Parramatta.

Some of you may be surprised to hear I have taken over and some of you may already know – and the truth is I was very nervous and worried about becoming the face of Face Body Day Spa & Beauty because I wasn’t sure how you would feel about the change.

But I’ve decided to be brave in 2019 and really help build a special connection with all our amazing clients and clients to be and for that reason, I am putting myself out there.

I’m not a new face here at Face Body Day Spa & Beauty, I’ve been a part of this incredible business since 2013 when I first moved to Australia and the beautiful Robyn gave me my first job in the land of OZ.

What started off as a few days a week turned into eventually becoming the manager and now owner of this very special place that is pretty much my second home – sorry hubby!

What I love about Face Body Day Spa & Beauty is the homely and relaxed feel as well as the amazing clients we get to help every single day – some have been with us for as long as this place has been open, over 28 years!

And more importantly, as a team, we get to provide our clients with 5-star service and beauty treatments – which we love!

But my favourite thing about running the business is that I get to provide all our clients with some of the best kept beauty secrets from around the world!!

In my 13 plus years in the beauty industry I have been blessed to work in some of the finest 5-star beauty establishments such as Country inn and suites by Carlson, Hotel Cabana, Radisson Blu, Shangri-La, Langham Hotel , and now, for the last 5 years, Face Body Day Spa & Beauty.

What this means for you as our very special client, is that I am able to share my knowledge and best kept beauty secrets with my wonderful team and YOU!

You now have easy access to 5-star beauty and you don’t even have to travel to a fancy 5 star hotel to receive it!

World-wide beauty at your fingertips.

And to think I wanted to become a doctor when I was younger…

Lucky my dad made me take beauty instead, otherwise I would have missed out on all this magic I get to experience every day when our clients walk out feeling like a million bucks!

I am so excited to make your next experience one to remember!



P.S. If you want to experience 5-star beauty treatments first hand, head to the website: to book your next appointment xo

Benefits of Face Exfoliation / Face Scrub

Benefits of Face Exfoliation / Face Scrub

Today I would like to explain to you the benefits of using a face exfoliation / face scrub. ??‍♀️

There are so many benefits and reasons as to why you should incorporate exfoliating into your beauty routine. When you exfoliate regularly you help remove ingrained dirt, old dead skin, and improve the over all look of your face.

When you scrub away the old flakey skin, you reveal a more soft and smooth looking skin. One that looks revived! Not only will the texture of your skin improve but you will also help slow down the rate at which your skin ages. Once your skin deeply cleansed, it helps the product deeply penetrate into your skin so it can work and your skin condition will start to improve.

If you are not exfoliating your face, your skin may appear very dull and dry, make up does not sit well and looks very flakey. These are the signs of not looking after your skin & also not exfoliating your skin but using a moisturiser is not going to help either, because its not absorbing or penetrating into your skin, but staying on the top skin which will result in clogged pores, having acne prone skin and can also cause break outs.

One of the most common questions we have about exfoliating is, how often you should you exfoliate your face? The amount you should exfoliate all depends on your skin type. You definitely should not be exfoliating every day. We recommend scrubbing 2-3 times a week or as your skin specialists advises. If you have been over scrubbing stop right away and let your skin heal!

To properly exfoliate make sure you always wash your face first, then apply the scrub in a circular motion. Focus on areas around the nose and your forehead. Follow up with a nice smooth and hydrating moisturiser to hydrate your skin.

Brand New Summer Packages

BRAND NEW Summer Packages

This time of year certainly can be busy and a little overwhelming ??

There’s so much to do, a social calendar full of events, work and then finally summer holidays ???

But it’s also important to make sure we don’t burn out ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

As you know we are all about encouraging self love and care here at Face Body Day Spa, because we know how much of a difference it can make, to have some time out to just relax. It’s actually very good for you!

And to make self care easier for you this month (and to celebrate the first day of SUMMER ???) we wanted to share our BRAND NEW Summer Packages with you!

Each of them are designed to help you relax, unwind and make you feel like you’ve just been on a tropical holiday ?

So we hope you love them as much as we do!

Sensational Summer Pedicure $99

One hour of pure feet treats!

Our pedicures are not like any other pedicure out there! We make it an indulgent experience where you get to lay back in the comfort of your own room, relax and even nod off if you wish, all while we pamper you to perfection.

Your Sensational Summer Pedicure includes:

? Steam Therapy for the soles of your feet
? Delicious summer foot scrub and rough skin removal
? Invigorating lower leg & foot massage
? Tropical treatment mask
? Soothing & cooling collagen eye mask during pedicure
? Your choice of either a hand or scalp massage
? Shellac gel polish to finish

Your feet will be perfectly polished for your summer sandals and you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the party season!

Sensational Summer Skin $99

One hour of pure luxury for your skin! It’s important to look and feel your best for the summer season and what better way to do so then with our Sensational Summer Skin Facial!

Your Sensational Summer Skin includes:

? Welcome massage of the neck, shoulders & arms
? Deep skin cleansing & consultation
? Resurfacing Peel
? Indulgent facial massage
? 24k Gold Collagen Eye Mask
? Hot Coconut Oil Hair Treatment
? Brightening treatment mask & moisturise
? Eyebrow Tidy

Your skin will feel refreshed and glowing, ready for the party season!

Sensational Summer Massage $149

One hour of pure relaxation awaits!

Our therapists will take you on a journey that will have you floating away in paradise. Your Sensational Summer Massage includes:

? Summer body scrub
? 1hour tropical body massage
? Body butter to leave your skin soft and smooth

Your skin will be left soft & supple ready for the summer season.

Because we LOVE you guys and are so grateful to you for your support during 2018, we are going to spoil the first 10 clients to book in with any of the above packages to a FREE take home Self Love Gift Pack valued at over $40 ??

Just comment ‘book me in’ below and we will PM you!

See a package you’d love to spoil someone with for Christmas?

Sure thing!

Just let us know you’d like to buy one as a gift ?

And remember if there’s anything we can do to help you during the Christmas period, just let us know.

We are here to help ?


Hair and Scalp Ritual

Hair and Scalp Ritual

Do you ever feel like your hair, head and scalp just need a little love, but you just don’t have the time to spends hours at the hairdresser?

You feel like your hair would benefit from a lush and hydrating hair treatment, but the thought of doing it at home doesn’t excite you?

You suffer from tension headaches or find the weight of your hair being tied up can feel a bit much sometimes and your head and scalp need some relief?

Well… we might just have the solution for you! It’s indulgent, it smells AMAZING and you may even feel like you’ve just been for a quick tropical island escape!

Our 30 minute hot coconut oil hair & scalp treatment is one of a kind. It’s a perfect quick little pick me up if you need some time out for some self care, but it’s also great for anyone who suffers from a dry & itchy scalp, or someone who loves having soft, shiny hair.

So what is our Hot coconut oil treatment and what’s involved?

Firstly we will revitalize your scalp and hair with an ancient hair care secret from the pristine isles of Fiji. For an extra treat for your tresses, we indulge you in a warm oil scalp treatment before cleansing.

We then indulgently massage the exotic oil into your scalp and hair and leave it as long as possible for maximum results.

We complete this ritual with Pure Fiji’s shampoo and conditioner. Coconut based cleansers will gently, but thoroughly remove all impurities and refresh your hair. Hair is then deeply conditioned and balance restored with a synergistic blend of soy proteins and exotic drift nut oils.

Your hair is left so soft and beautiful and you’re left feeling fabulous and relaxed. There’s no better feeling then one of our amazing Indian head massages!!

And the best part is you can even continue the lush feeling at home with the beautiful Pure Fiji products used during your treatment.

Pure Fiji’s

Nourishing Exotic Pure Fiji Oil is $49.95

Shampoo $24

Conditioner $24

You can also purchase them here by visiting our online store

So next time you’re looking for a little pick me up, give us a call and treat yourself to one of these little luxuries

Why should I have a regular massage?

Why should I have a regular massage?

Massage is one of the most therapeutic treatments we offer here in the Day Spa. It’s also one of our most popular and we absolutely love performing them.

There are so many amazing ways to perform body massage. Each of them have their own unique experiences and benefits to both your mind and body.

Here at Face Body Day Spa Parramatta, we offer a number of massage to allow our clients to experience exactly what they might need at the time. We offer both 60 minute massages as well as 90 minute massages.

Here are some of the top reasons why a massage will help you:

  • Reduces stress (this is a big one! We can all use less stress in our life)
  • Stimulates the Lymphatic System and increase blow flow. This in turn helps to strengthen your immune system by draining toxins from the body.
  • Manage muscles aches and pains
  • Promotes a better nights sleep
  • Eases symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Allows an increase in range of motion
  • Reduces tension headaches

This are just a few benefits, but there are so many more!

We like to be able to tailor and cater our massages to our unique client’s requirements. This is why we offer more options than just relaxation massage. Here at Face Body Day Spa, we have the option to choose from Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Candle Massage, Remedial or Pregnancy. Our therapists have the most amazing massage skills that will allow you to deeply relax and forget about life’s pressure for a while.

So if your muscles are aching and you’re really needing some time out, get in touch with us as we’d love to help you manage your aches and pains.

Self care and why we believe it’s important

Self care and why we believe it’s important

Why Self Care?

One of the most common statements we hear in the Spa, is how busy life is and how our clients wish they could just slow down more often. It’s honestly so common!!!

And we can completely relate. We are just like you! We have work, family commitments, events, functions, appointments, exercise to fit in and it can make life really overwhelming sometimes. Then if you’re a parent, you’ve also got your little humans thrown into the mix as well. And let’s be honest, there’s only so much each of us can give. At some point, we have to slow it down and recuperate not just our bodies, but our minds as well.

Self care allows you to fill your own cup up. It’s so important to slow down, relax and unwind at least once a week (once a day is even better!!). It allows your mind to clear, it enables you to feel more energised and be more focused. By taking care of yourself first, you can be a better person for those around you.

So how can you practice self care I hear you say?

Well there’s many options, our favourites are definitely regular facials or massages, but it can also be some simple little things like sitting in nature while sipping on a cup of tea all on your own. It could be running yourself a bubble bath, popping on your favourite face mask and soaking in your tub for an hour. It could be reading some of your favourite book. There are SO many ways in which you can incorporate self care.

So I would love to ask you, when was the last time you intentionally set aside time from your week to give yourself some self care? If it’s been far too long, let’s change that for you! We’re always here to help and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, what self love practice you are going to work towards this week?

Suhki x