Hair and Scalp Ritual

Hair and Scalp Ritual

Do you ever feel like your hair, head and scalp just need a little love, but you just don’t have the time to spends hours at the hairdresser?

You feel like your hair would benefit from a lush and hydrating hair treatment, but the thought of doing it at home doesn’t excite you?

You suffer from tension headaches or find the weight of your hair being tied up can feel a bit much sometimes and your head and scalp need some relief?

Well… we might just have the solution for you! It’s indulgent, it smells AMAZING and you may even feel like you’ve just been for a quick tropical island escape!

Our 30 minute hot coconut oil hair & scalp treatment is one of a kind. It’s a perfect quick little pick me up if you need some time out for some self care, but it’s also great for anyone who suffers from a dry & itchy scalp, or someone who loves having soft, shiny hair.

So what is our Hot coconut oil treatment and what’s involved?

Firstly we will revitalize your scalp and hair with an ancient hair care secret from the pristine isles of Fiji. For an extra treat for your tresses, we indulge you in a warm oil scalp treatment before cleansing.

We then indulgently massage the exotic oil into your scalp and hair and leave it as long as possible for maximum results.

We complete this ritual with Pure Fiji’s shampoo and conditioner. Coconut based cleansers will gently, but thoroughly remove all impurities and refresh your hair. Hair is then deeply conditioned and balance restored with a synergistic blend of soy proteins and exotic drift nut oils.

Your hair is left so soft and beautiful and you’re left feeling fabulous and relaxed. There’s no better feeling then one of our amazing Indian head massages!!

And the best part is you can even continue the lush feeling at home with the beautiful Pure Fiji products used during your treatment.

Pure Fiji’s

Nourishing Exotic Pure Fiji Oil is $49.95

Shampoo $24

Conditioner $24

You can also purchase them here by visiting our online store

So next time you’re looking for a little pick me up, give us a call and treat yourself to one of these little luxuries

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