Beautiful is a Feeling

Beautiful is a Feeling

And we happen to be in the business of making you feel beautiful


Can we talk matter-of-factly for a minute? I want to be real and vulnerable with you.

Have you ever felt like spending money on something like a facial, massage or anti-aging treatment is an expense you can’t justify?

It’s ‘unnecessary money being spent.’ I’m being 100% real here for a moment – work with me on this.

There is an assumption out there that anyone who runs a business is only after making money. And so, with a luxury service such as beauty, why would anyone justify spending money on something they don’t NEED.

I mean sure, there are people with skin conditions who want to have them addressed and there are stressed out people who NEED to have relaxing massages to ease their tension headaches.

But if there’s nothing MAJOR to address, why should I spend that money on something I don’t need?

Hmmm, good question!

Yes, a lot of our services DO help correct a lot of concerns people have and they DO have them leaving the spa feeling amazing and confident.

That’s a big reason why my team and I love doing what we do.

We see the immediate transformation and know that we helped someone have a better day, week, month, simply by doing something we love – who could hate that?

Bu that’s not the questions here.

The questions is, if someone doesn’t NEED anything corrected, why would they spend money on a luxury?

The truth is, we truly believe that FEELING beautiful is not a luxury. Nor is it being vain.

Think about it for a second.

We’re not talking about obsessing over NEEDING to look beautiful, we’re talking about beautiful as a feeling.

When we FEEL beautiful something happens in our body…it’s called Endorphins. It’s literally the female JOY hormone. The one that relieves stress and anxiety and gives us energy.

The one that makes us want to smile at everyone and pay it forward with random acts of kindness.

The hormone that turns a crappy day into the best day ever! You feel so good and people start to respond to you differently. They open doors for you, give you a discount, buy you flowers…the list of possibilities is endless, but the point remains the same – when we FEEL beautiful, we release Endorphins that make us an extremely happy and joyful person. Can I get an AMEN?!

THIS is why we truly believe that everything we do as a team in the Face Body Day Spa is important. Whether you have something you NEED corrected or you just want to tap into that JOY hormone by FEELING beautiful – we’ve got you covered.

Just because we are a business, it doesn’t mean we only want to make money. Nope. We NEED to make money in order to stay open – yes, but we’ve CHOSEN this profession because we love impacting our client’s days and lives in the best way possible!

So next time you say to yourself that you don’t NEED a facial or massage, remember this random conversation we had lol; You may not NEED it, but you DESERVE to FEEL beautiful and have the best experience of life ever!!

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