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Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift?

Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift?

It’s that time of year again! Yes it’s almost Christmas!! Which means one thing….it’s time to think about what to get those harder to buy for people in your life this year. There’s nothing worse, than not knowing what to get someone as a gift. But don’t fear! We have the perfect solution!

This year our theme in our business, has been a strong focus on self care for our clients, and what a better way to celebrate, then to create our beautiful packages for Christmas around giving the gift of self care to someone you love.

There’s no better feeling then letting someone know how much you love and appreciate them, and that you want them to go and pamper themselves to take some time out!!

We have 3 amazing packages available for gifts this year, designed to include our most loved services as well as a variety of price ranges. But. if they aren’t what you’re looking for, you can also at any time, choose to purchase a voucher for any dollar amount or for any of the services in our Menu.

Speaking of our menu, have you seen our new one we just released? We took a lot of your feedback on board and we’ve created a brand new menu, which we hope you all love and enjoy. If you haven’t seen it, grab one from the Spa next time you’re in or head to to check it out ?

We want you to love making self care a priority for yourself. So don’t be afraid to leave some small hints laying around for your Christmas wish list too! Sometimes our loved ones need some help or inspiration ?

Plus for a limited time, we have a BONUS gift set of products valued at $29.95 with any of our packages sold. This will only be while stocks last though, so make sure you don’t miss out. All you need to do is CLICK HERE and we will take you through to our online gift voucher store. You can then choose to print the voucher yourself and collect your gift set. Or we can make it easy for you and post both to you beautifully wrapped. Or if you’ve got a loved one far away, we can even send it directly too them! Express postage can also be arranged for a small fee as well.

I also know it can get a little hectic, so if there is ever anything you need from me or if you’ve been meaning to book your appointment before your next special event, just reply to this email and let me help make it as easy as possible for you. I’m also here to help with any Christmas gifts you might need. We want to make Christmas shopping easy and stress free, so feel free to give us a call at any time.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all in the Spa very soon, and please don’t be afraid to reach out if I can help you in any way. Thank you for being a part of our Day Spa, we really appreciate you.


“Goddess Spa Ritual” – Pure Relaxation Package

“Goddess Spa Ritual” – Pure Relaxation Package

Have you been working really hard lately?

Tired, exhausted and craving some TLC?

Dreaming of Pure Relaxation, but holidays are too far away? ? ? ?

Well we might just have the perfect pick me up to get you through ??

Unwind with our “Goddess Pamper Package” ?

You’ll be treated to:

?️ Goddess Spa Facial

?️ Relaxation Massage

?️ Divine Back Scrub

?️ Pressure Point Scalp Massage

90 minutes of pure relaxation for just $157.?

So if it’s time you had a little tropical escape give one of our beautiful staff a call on ‭0448 670 023‬ or 02-96834338

*T&C’s may apply*

Why Microdermabrasion is a MUST for Your Skin

Why Microdermabrasion is a MUST for your skin

Microhydrabrasion your skin’s new best friend!

Does your skin need a deep clean?

When your teeth need cleaning, you go to the dentist.

When your carpets are dirty, you have them professionally cleaned.

When your car is dirty, it gets washed.

What about your skin?

Blackheads, pimples and cysts are all caused from build-up in the pores. This can make you feel really uncomfortable and unhappy in your own skin.

There’s nothing worse then feeling like you want to hide your skin, instead of embracing it and showing off how beautiful it is.

The skin has pores and follicles that need to be deeply cleaned, professionally and regularly. Pores and follicles need to be cleaned and washed on the inside, to prevent breakouts and a rough or uneven texture.

And I know, you’re probably thinking, that’s ok, I cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturise my skin at home, I don’t need regular salon treatments. If that’s you, than I really want to celebrate how AWESOME that it!! You’re committed to taking great care of your skin. But you may find it still needs something more…

Well Hydrabrasion is a microdermabrasion system that exfoliates with both a dry and a wet system. The skin is deeply exfoliated with diamonds while simultaneously vacuuming and washing it. It’s a lot like getting your carpets professionally cleaned. This treatment is a soothing, refreshing and deeply cleaning treat for your skin.

Hydrabrasion makes aggressive microdermabrasion treatments a thing of the past! Because it’s so much more gentle on your skin, you won’t need to allow any down time and can can instantly feel the results.

The technology is a very gentle treatment, that doesn’t hurt. There’s no harsh abrasion to your skin. You probably could take a nap while the treatment is being done (who doesn’t love that!!).

Your skin will be cleansed, then a small diamond tip that is attached to a mild vacuum cleaner which is worked over your skin to exfoliate it and to remove any dead skin. Once the blockages are cleared from your skin, a deeper clean can be achieved. This is when we wash it to clean out the build-up.


The treatment only takes about 20 minutes, but long enough to wash out every pore. Once the diamond tip is finished, you will have a second treatment with a water system, this will wash out the pores and follicles to ensure the best skin wash ever. Imagine how squeaky clean your skin will feel!!

Hydrabrasion can be added in to your favourite facial or as a stand a lone facial. You can choose from a quick 30minute option focusing on the face, or a longer more intensive facial which includes the face, neck and décolleté.


Maintenance is achieved by cleaning your skin twice a day, exfoliating at least once a week, and continuing this treatment a minimum of once a month. The moment you get sight of a blind pimple, blackheads or a nasty pimple about to break through, it’s a sign you need another treatment! You may also notice your foundation or makeup just isn’t sitting as nicely or your skin just doesn’t look as beautiful and glowing as it normally would when you have the treatment done.

For a limited time, we are celebrating our incredible Microhydrabrasion treatment where you can receive your first facial for only $57! We want everyone to experience how great this facial really is, so we’d love to treat you to one soon. Just book through our online booking request or give the Day Spa a call on (02) 9683 4338

Do you have a skin condition or concern you just can’t treat?

Do you have a skin condition or concern you just can’t treat?

Are you struggling to find a solution to your skin concern?

Feel like you’ve tried every beauty treatment and product out there?

We understand how this can make you feel!

There’s so much to choose from and it’s hard to know what’s going to be the right solution for your individual skin.

Well, we might just have the solution for you!

Let me tell you a little more about our incredible iBeauty Skin Treatment.

If you looking for something more than just a facial, but don’t want the downtime that comes with needling, IPL or a Peel? Then our Thalgo iBeauty treatment is just for you. You’ll be left with soft, smooth, decongested skin. There’s no trauma to the skin, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to freshen their skin for a special occasion.

So what is it and how does it work?

The Thalgo IBEAUTY device is a beauty device combining three innovative, proven, non-invasive, non-aggressive and completely safe technologies for instant facial results. These unique elements are:

  • Sound Vibrations to exfoliate and purify
  • Sequential Ultrasound which drains, infuses and stimulates
  • Tripolar Radio-frequency which regenerates and plumps

There’s 3 specific facials to choose from, each tailored to your needs. Because it’s really important when treating your skin, that we treat you individually, because you won’t ever have the same skin as someone else.

Here are the basis of each facial:

IBEAUTY Purity Reviver – This highly effective treatment is the perfect solution to achieve a deep rebalancing facial cleanse. It is the ideal combination of zinc and salicylic acid, developed specifically to work in synergy with IBEAUTY’s sound vibrations and sequential ultrasound technologies. The skin is healthier, brighter and cleansed of impurities from the first session.

We know how congested and bumpy skin can make you feel, and this is one of the best forms of non-invasive exfoliation we have seen. (This can be added on to any Thalgo facial for a healthier and brighter complexion.)

IBEAUTY Hydration Corrector – Treat your dehydrated or tired skin to this amazing Hydration facial! After cleansing, the skin is exfoliated with IBEAUTY’s sound vibrations technology. Hydrating Sève Bleue from the ocean is pushed deep into the skin using draining, infusing and stimulating motions with IBEAUTY’s sequential ultrasound technology. The skin is fresh, bright and intensely hydrated from the first session.

IBEAUTY Youth Activator – This anti-aging facial is perfect for anyone looking to defy time and restore a rejuvenated appearance to their skin. Following a cleansing, the skin is exfoliated with IBEAUTY’s sound vibrations technology. The application of Hyaluronic acid while using IBEAUTY’s tripolar radio-frequency technology restores the skin’s plumpness and firmness. The complexion is glowing, the skin is “lifted” and the face looks younger from the first session. (This can be added on to any Thalgo facial for a healthier and brighter complexion.)

IBeauty skin treatment is also a very affordable option, starting from just $89. You can also purchase a series of 6 treatments and receive one of those 6 for FREE.

30 minute Purity Reviver $89

60 minutes hydrating solution $119

60 minutes anti ageing solution $129

If you’d like more information about our IBEAUTY facials, please give us a call and one of our amazing therapists will be able to help you.


Why make a visit to Parramatta’s Best Day Spa?

Why make a visit to Parramatta’s Best Day Spa?

So you’re probably wondering what’s different about our Day Spa and why you should give come and visit us for some well deserved pampering?

Well good question!

Your experience at our Day Spa is so important to us. We take so much pride in creating one of the best experiences you will ever have. Being established for more then 28 years, we pride ourselves on creating an exceptional experience that allows you to feel, nurtured, cared for and not like you’re just another number.

Every day it’s our mission to make you feel comfortable and welcome at our Spa. We want you to feel like we’ve known you for years, even though it might be your first time visiting us.

There’s no better feeling than receiving the absolute best customer service, value for money and being pampered from top to toe in a tranquil, cosy environment. The atmosphere is warm, calming and welcoming, we want you to feel at home. From our dim lighting, to our aromatic scents, we want you to feel like you’re on a journey when you walk through our doors.

Our team are friendly and want the absolute best for you. We like to make our experiences that little extra luxurious and pampering. From the additional scalp massage, hand massage, steam session, hydrotherapy spa or lunch in our gorgeous and peaceful courtyard. We aim to really relax you, so that you don’t feel rushed, you can really soak in the time out you’re giving yourself and leave feeling completely restored. We even have clients that come regularly for threading and say they still feel relaxed and refreshed after even these treatments.

Taking time out for self care is something we value highly ourselves and we know that when you come to us, you’re also doing the same.

We also love catering to small and intimate groups, couples packages and all day pampers. You will feel like you have the entire spa to yourself and there’s no better feeling then feeling undisturbed while you relax.

So if you’ve been wanting to come and experience our spa, but have been unsure about us, feel free to check out our lovely reviews and recommendations on both google and Facebook. And if you haven’t been to us before, ask us about how you can receive a welcome gift from us on your first visit too!


What’s unique about our Day Spa?

What’s unique about our Day Spa?

What makes us unique?

Here at Face Body Day Spa, we pride ourselves not only on creating an amazing experience for our clients, but also our range of unique services, that are a little different to what you would normally find elsewhere. One of those is our incredible Hydrotherapy Spa. It’s one of our most popular services and has so many wonderful, holistic benefits. Today we wanted to share some of these with you.

So what is a Hydrotherapy Spa?

Did you know that the healing benefits of water have been appreciated for centuries and in ancient times, people used the curing powers of natural hot springs to help them with every day aliments? Nowadays, we probably just appreciate a hot, scented bubble bath, which eases those niggling aches and pains, as we enjoy the health benefits of relaxation.

Hydrotherapy simply means the use of water in a therapeutic way, and includes the use of both warm and cold water to treat the body. When you immerse yourself in amongst warm water, you receive a number of health benefits:

Your body temperature increases and you perspire. The skin’s pores open, blood vessels are diluted and blood is diverted to the skin — hence the flushed, rosy-faced look. This sweat process encourages the body’s toxic wastes to be eliminated via the open pores.

Hydrotherapy also uses water massage via water jets directed onto your body. This type of massage increases blood circulation and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissues. The lymphatic system is also activated giving a generous boost to the immune system and massage on cellulite prone areas, helps to break down the fatty deposits and lessen its appearance.

During a hydrotherapy treatment, another health benefit is in the release of endorphins — the body’s natural hormones, which give us a sense of well being. They also block pain and boost the immune system. It’s one of the best ways to give yourself a natural shot of happiness.

And let’s not forget the mental benefits achieved during a hydrotherapy session, including stress relief and a spring clean of the mind which helps you to sleep well. Self care is such an important tool for everyone. When we take time out to relax our body and mind is rejuvenated and revitalised, allowing us to concentrate better, feel less brain fog and reduce stress and anxiety.

Our Hydrotherapy Spa has serval functions, including the jets & bubbles. This is our most popular option for clients and it’s so relaxing. Used with many treatments here in the Spa, but our most common option is before a body massage to relax the muscles and allow a deeper rejuvenation process to take place during your massage. You will find your body will feel absolutely incredible by combining the two treatments together.

To enjoy our Hydrotherapy Spa you can choose a couple of options. You can enjoy the spa on it’s own or you can incorporate one of our divine experiences with it. These are:

Cleopatra Milk Hydrotherapy Spa
The Cleopatra milk bath smells absolutely divine and is added into the water as a therapy for the skin, nourishing and boosting the skin’s vitality. Luxuriously smooth and creamy, this hydrating coconut milk soak contains a bounty of nutrients essential to the support and good health of your skin. Fresh coconut milk with a blend of coconut, dilo, macadamia and sikeci nut oils rejuvenate, nourish and rehydrate dry skin leaving it supple, smooth and revitalised. You’ll feel like you’re drifting away to a tropical paradise.

Lagoon Pebble Hydrotherapy Spa
Lagoon pebble, a truly invigorating beauty treatment, uses the Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles to combine the relaxing power of their active ingredients with the pleasure of a lagoon-blue bath and aquatic aromas reminiscent of the atolls of the Polynesian islands. A genuine feeling of well-being and relaxation in this lagoon-blue effervescent bath. Leaving your skin delicately scented.

So whether you’re wanting to take your mind and body on a journey or you just want to take your massage to the next level, why not add in a 30minute Hydrotherapy session to your next visit? We know you’ll absolutely love it!

The second most popular service which is a little different is our Waterfall Spa

Our Waterfall Spa treatment is like no other. It will take you on a sensory experience to really enable you to relax and unwind. Our Vichy Shower, which is used to perform this treatment, has seven adjustable shower jets to caress your body under an invigorating waterfall. Your therapist adjusts the pattern, placement and temperature of the jets to achieve whole-body water massage treatment. When all 16 jets are on, there is litres of water every minute flowing over your body, producing in many people a sensation of floating on water.

The effect of so much water movement on your skin is to increase the blood circulation, hydrate the skin and soothe the nervous system, enabling your body to balance and your muscles to relax.

During the Vichy Shower treatment, you lie on a padded table, with the shower jets above you. This water massage treatment is particularly effective following a body scrub or wrap, to circulate the recently absorbed products through your system, producing enhanced benefits.

Specific benefits from regular Vichy Shower treatments include: Increasing the benefits of products recently absorbed by your skin Reducing toxins and waste, improving your elimination system Stimulating the skin drawing blood to the surface Boosting your immune system Hydrating your body through your skin, improving skin and muscle tone Reducing your stress response through skin nerve stimulation