Treat yourself to the whole body experience

Treat Yourself To The Whole Body Experience

For many of us, pampering ourselves to a day spa experience is something we save for a special occasion or if we are lucky enough to be the recipient of a gift voucher but the benefits to treating yourself to a body treatment at a day spa are endless and something we should consider doing on a more regular occasion.

As one of the top day spas in Parramatta Sydney, our team at Face Body Day Spa are experienced in pampering our clients with luxurious packages and body treatments that are tailored to the unique needs of each individual. In the spa we offer several types of body treatments such as rejuvenating salt body scrubs, nourishing body wraps, herbal steam treatments and muscle soothing massage. Read on to discover the benefits of experiencing a body treatment with us.

A mind, body reset- We all live in a busy fast paced world and everyone deserves a break to relax and pamper yourself. During a visit to our spa it is a true oasis where you are forced to clock off from work and family commitments. When we get the chance to truly relax this flows onto positive health benefits, from muscle relaxation and lower blood pressure, to improved circulation and better quality sleep.

Tension relief- Our physical everyday life and mental load can cause us to carry tension through our body in particular our back, neck and shoulders. The warmth from our steam treatments and infrared sauna and the healing hands of a full body massage helps to relieve tension through your body.

Flush toxins- Spa body treatments are amazing for lymphatic draining and will assist to clear our harmful toxins in your body allowing you to function at your best and boosts your immune system.

Improved skin texture and tone- Our full body scrubs and wraps will have your skin feeling soft and smooth. The body exfoliation will remove all the dead skin and the nourishing ingredients in our body wraps and oils will hydrate your skin like nothing you have experienced before

Visits to the spa shouldn’t be something we leave for special occasions, just like the fancy wine glasses or expensive shoes we keep in the box life is for enjoying. Book yourself in for a body treatment with our team and experience some of the many benefits.

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